Morocco is exposed to medium political risks, according to forecasts of the 2019 Control Risks

Morocco is among the countries evaluated by Control risks 2019 map. The latter puts the country among the nations that are exposed to medium political risks.

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Morocco is one of the very low risk countries in the world, according to the 2019 Control Risks map which publishes security risks forecasts. The interactive map made public by the specialist risk consultancy shows that the Kingdom has medium political risks.

However, the map indicates that Morocco’s Saharan provinces are exposed to medium security risks and high political risks.

Compared to neighboring countries, Morocco is one of the safest countries in North Africa. Oran, Algiers and Annaba have medium security risks while the rest of Algeria is exposed to high ones. Political risk forecasts are medium in the neighboring country.

Tunisia, on the other hand, has medium security risks in general but the areas bordering Algeria are exposed to high risks. The country is, however, exposed to medium political risks.

Based on Control Risks’ forecasts, Northern Libya is the safest compared to its south provinces which have extreme political and security risks. Western Egypt is riskier than its eastern part which has medium security risks. Mauritanian borders with Morocco have medium security risks while its borders with Algeria have high risks. The country in general is exposed to high political risks.

Travel and maritime risks in Morocco

When it comes to travel risks, the northern provinces of Morocco have a low profile in comparison to its Saharan provinces which have a varied profile where «risks faced by travelers and international assignees are di‑erent from the country’s overall risk environment», the same source explained.

For maritime risks, Morocco is among the countries that have very low risks.

According to the 2019 Control Risks map, 7% of the world’s kidnaps took place in the MENA region. 75% of these kidnaps were committed by criminals while 25% of them were orchestrated by militants, including terrorists and other armed groups. 87% of these victims were locals and 13% of them were foreigners.

For the record, the report focuses on five main areas and the risks associated with them, including security, politics, health, traveling and maritime.

Control Risks maps are conducted by the risk and strategic consulting firm bearing the same name. The latter was founded in 1975 to measure risk related to integrity, security, politics and cyber threat intelligence.

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