Morocco notifies the UN about the Polisario military drill in Amhereez

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Morocco has informed the United Nations about the recent military drill conducted by the Polisario in Amhereez, said the government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi in a press briefing held Thursday, January the 10th.

«All irregularities committed by the separatist entity are monitored», stated Mustapha El khalfi. The minister added that «the Polisario’s provocations are fruitless» and will be faced with the UN.

The official stressed that the Polisario’s «violations» of the 1991 cease-fire are now mentioned in Security Council resolutions.

Indeed, in resolution 2414 adopted in April, the UN Security Council expressed «concern with the presence of the Polisario Front in the buffer strip in Guerguerate and called for its immediate withdrawal».

It also expressed concern «regarding the Polisario Front’s announcement of the planned relocation of administrative functions to Bir Lahlou, and calls for the Polisario Front to refrain from any such destabilizing actions».

In the most recent resolution (2440) adopted by the UN, the Security Council urged the Polisario Front to «fully adhere to its commitments to the Personal Envoy with respect to Bir Lahlou, Tifariti, and the buffer strip at Guerguerate».

For the record, on its official press agency, the Polisario announced that some of the «Liberation Army’s units» are currently participating in a military drill. The latter was inspected by Brahim Ghali, the same source reported.

According to SPS, Brahim Ghali arrived, Saturday January the 5th, in Amhereez to «oversee military maneuver (which started on Sunday) and the 24th edition of Martyr Al-Wali military contest».

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