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After being hit by a passer-by, a Moroccan veiled woman wants the police to do their job

Fatiha who was attacked by a passer-by in Brussels, Belgium./Ph. DR
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On Friday, reports indicated that a 47-year-old Moroccan veiled woman was assaulted in Anderlecht, one of the nineteen municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. Belgian newspaper La Capital reports that the victim was slightly injured in a racist attack.

Interviewed by Almouwatin TV, Fatiha commented on what happened to her urging people to calm down and «let the police do their job». «The suspect has not been identified yet, contrary to rumors», she stressed.  

Quoted by, La Capitale wrote that a «manhunt was underway in the La Roue district, in Anderlecht, to arrest Fatiha’s aggressor», but the inhabitants couldn’t find the man.

Fatiha was assaulted on December the 30th, 2018. The incident was revealed thanks to a CCTV clip that went viral on social media.

The victim was walking down the street with her 10-year-old daughter. A hooded passer-by hit her on the face with his fest before fleeing.

The mother fell and was taken later to the hospital by an ambulance. Fatiha says she was probably hit with a taser, but according to La Capitale, «the complaint filed does not report a blow carried by an object».

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