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A Polish lawyer allegedly deported from Morocco for meeting pro-Polisario students

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A Polish lawyer was reportedly expelled from Morocco on January the 16th for «having spoken with pro-Polisario students», reports online newspaper Por Un Sahara Libre.

On Wednesday the police «broke into the house of a Sahrawi student involved in cultural activism, where layer Justyna Paulina Wrobel was staying», the same source wrote.

The student told the Nushatta Foundation that «law enforcement officers who wore plainclothes stormed his house, insulted him and threatened to arrest him, and two others. Moreover, the police seized their phones and searched the entire house, forcing them to stay in the corner of a room».

The lawyer was initially «expelled on Sunday from the checkpoint located at the entrance of Laayoune to Agadir», then «questioned for two hours at the headquarters of the police in Agadir, before being forced to leave Morocco for Poland in difficult and inhuman conditions», the same source concluded.

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