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Morocco issues an arrest warrant against Al Jazeera’s journalist Ahmed Mansour

Egyptian journalist Ahmed Mansour is wanted by Morocco./Ph. DR
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Moroccan Prosecutor has issued an international arrest warrant against Egyptian journalist Ahmed Mansour who works for Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera.

Reports indicate that the Interpol’s office in Lyon, France, has also issued an arrest warrant against the famous journalist, following a request submitted two weeks ago by Morocco.

The Egyptian TV anchorman is wanted because of his alleged «customary marriage». In 2015 Mansour chose this kind of marriage, which is not recognized by Morocco, to officialize a relationship he had with a Moroccan woman, who is believed to be the daughter of a famous movie director.

The woman in question has reportedly filed a complaint in Morocco. She was heard by the police in Rabat, who have launched an investigation.

Reports on Ahmed Mansour’s customary marriage were published in 2015, after several newspapers wrote that the journalist tied the knot with a PJD activist. The ceremony held in Morocco was reportedly attended by PJD politician Abdelali Hamieddine, who allegedly was the official witness to the «marriage».

Ahmed Mansour reacted to the scandal, denouncing the accusations and the campaign launched against him by several Moroccan newspapers.

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