Former prisoners from the Sahara war sit-in in front of FAR’s headquarters

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The civilian and military members of the «National Coordination of Prisoners of the War of Territorial Integrity» organized Thursday, January 24th, a sit-in outside the headquarters of the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces in Rabat.

Their demands have not changed since their first open demonstrations and sit-ins before the Parliament in Rabat.

These ex-detainees still ask the state to recognize them as «prisoners of war» and seek redress.

These former detainees hired, in 2009, lawyer Abderrahim Jamaï to file a lawsuit against the State. At the beginning of their protests, there were 2,400 prisoners still alive and 120 rights holders.

The NGO defends former detainees, civilians and soldiers, who spent years of prison in the Tindouf camps.

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