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Muslim parents in the UK sign a petition against a school's LGBT lessons

Andrew Moffat is behind the «No Outsiders In Our School» program. / DR
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In Birmingham, 400 parents have signed a petition calling the Parkfield School to drop an equality classes for LGBT community from the curriculum, reports The Guardian.

This project, entitled «No Outsiders in Our School», aims to educate students about the fight against homophobia in schools. Mostly Muslim, the signatories threatened to withdraw their children from this school.

Andrew Moffat, assistant headteacher of the school reported that he was threatened in a flyer distributed by activists, while parents of students gathered outside the school to show their anger.

This is not the first time that Andrew Moffat, behind the «No Outsiders In Our School» program, faces the refusal of parents. He had already resigned from another primary school, the Chilwell Croft Academy, also in Birmingham, following a similar conflict with Muslim parents. The children received five courses, each covering subjects that met the requirements of the Equality Act.

«It's inappropriate, totally wrong», said Fatima Shah, a mother. She claimed that her children were «confused» about homosexuality and that the concerns of the local community were not taken into account. «We have nothing against Mr. Moffat, we are as British as he is. We respect British values, but the problem is that he does not respect our philosophy as a community», she added.

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