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Nine people killed by H1N1 flu, Health Minister says

Health Minister Anas Doukkali./ph. DR
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H1N1 flu has killed 9 people in Morocco, minister of Health, Anass Doukkali, said on Saturday, noting that the epidemiological situation remains normal compared to previous years.

The Central Unit in charge of monitoring the epidemiological situation continues to provide epidemiological surveillance and to verify all data relating to H1N1 cases, Doukkali told reporters following a meeting of the unit, adding that unfortunately nine deaths have been recorded so far.

According to the minister, of the 20% of patients with flu-like illnesses or respiratory tract infections, 80% have H1N1 flu.

The dominant H1N1 subtype does not exceed 80%, which is the rate set by the World Health Organization, he added.

The follow-up operation is carried out at all the health centers and hospitals while the number of people going to hospitals has slightly increased this week, compared to the previous seven days, the minister pointed out, noting that "no particular case has been reported".

The Drugs Directorate and the Supply Division are working to provide all hospitals and health centers with the necessary medicines, Doukkali said, adding that medical teams are constantly mobilized in rural areas within the framework of the RIAYA operation, which covers 28 provinces.

In this regard, the minister has recommended greater vigilance, particularly for the elderly, children under 5, pregnant women and people suffering from chronic diseases.

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