Arrested in Morocco, an Iraqi national is accused of financing ISIS

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The investigation conducted by the national judicial police brigade into the Iraqi national, arrested on 6 February in Casablanca, revealed his involvement in the collection and subsequent illegal transfer of large amounts of money in foreign currency outside Morocco.

The suspect opened several bank accounts in Morocco, in parallel with the creation of fictitious companies and the opening of exchange offices to receive money in exchange for foreign currency, say the national police (DGSN) in a statement, adding that the money collected is then transferred to Moroccan fighters affiliated to the so-called "Islamic State" in Syria and Iraq.

The research also revealed that the suspect succeeded in setting up a complicated financial network with extensions in several countries in Asia and the Middle East, which it was testing for the transfer of money abroad through a system of mandates or intermediaries, adds the same source.

This operation is part of the ongoing efforts by the Moroccan authorities to monitor funds of suspicious origin and eradicate sources of terrorist financing, the statement points out, noting that the inquiry is underway to identify possible accomplices.

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