Hirak : Thousands of protesters rally in Brussels following the call of Nasser Zefzafi

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After Hirak figure Nasser Zefzafi called people from his prison cell, in December, to organize a rally for women from the Rif, Brussels hosted on Saturday, February the 16th, a march organized to show support for Riffian women. His father, Ahmed Zefzafi attended the rally.

According to the march's organizers, between 10,000 and 15,000 protesters participated to the rally.

However, the Brussels police said that around 3,000 people only took part in the march. During the march, participants called for the release of all Hirak detainees.

In his December call, Nasser Zefzafi claimed that «the Riffian woman suffered, at the beginning of Hirak movement».

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