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According to Frontex chief, more Moroccans arrive in Europe than Iraqis and Afghans

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According to Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri, Europe faces «no burning crisis» over migrant arrivals. Speaking to reporters in Brussels on Wednesday, Leggeri said that more people are trying to enter Europe through Morocco, reports the Associated Press.

«Right now, we are not in the middle of a migration crisis at the external borders but, of course, we do see that there is still a pressure», Fabrice Leggeri said.

«[Spain] is in fact, in absolute figures, the route number one to the European Union in terms of illegal crossings», Leggeri said, stressing that «Morocco is the main departure point to Europe on that route».

The same source indicates that most of migrants using the Mediterranean route, through the Kingdom, are Moroccans. Quoting statistics compiled by Frontex, AP reports that «more Moroccans now arrive than Iraqis or Afghans, but that Syrian nationals are still entering in the biggest numbers».

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