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Germany arrests a German-Moroccan couple for trying to plan a terror attack

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Authorities in Germany arrested, Thursday, a German-Moroccan couple for attempting to plan a terror attack, reports the Associated Press.

12 other suspects have seen their houses searched, following a series of raids, said Frankfurt prosecutors.

Quoting Frankfurt prosecutor Nadja Niesen, the American press agency wrote that the German-Moroccan suspects were «in the early stages of planning an attack in Germany».

«There was not yet a concrete attack target that we're aware of», she told the same source.

The German-Moroccan nationals, aged 26, attempted to enter Syria with their two children in 2016 to join the «Islamic State in Iraq and Syria» (ISIS), before being deported by Turkey, Niesen said.

The 12 other suspects, aged between 22 and 33 years old, are mostly German or German-Moroccan. They are facing «charges of accessory to planning an attack in Germany», concluded Niesen.

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