The parents of Moroccan teen killed in Dublin say they want «privacy to grieve as a family»

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Azzam Raguragui, a Moroccan teenager stabbed to death in a park in Dublin, Ireland. / Ph. DR

The family of Azzam Raguragui, a Moroccan teenager who was stabbed to death Friday at a Park in Dublin’s suburbs in Ireland, said that they rest faith in the Irish justice system to hold the perpetrators to account, Irish Examiner reports.

In a statement issued through Gardai (Irish police), Abderrahmane Raguragui and Hajiba Elouaddaf said that the police «are leading in the investigation to uncover the truth behind [their] son Azzam Raguragui’s murder».

The Moroccan parents stated that they «were grateful for the community's support» that they had received after the fatal stabbing. «At this critical time, we would like to request some space and privacy to allow us to grieve as a family», they said.

The parents of the 18-year-old teenager attended, Saturday, a gathering at the Clonskeagh Mosque, the spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland Ali Selim told the same source.

According to Selim, 1,300 people made it to this special gathering to «support the parents and offer prayers to their son». After the stabbing the Muslim community in Ireland has been under the shock, Selim said.

«Something has to be done to stop killings and the taking of life. No one can bring life back», he said, adding that Raguragui’s father paid tribute to his son and «advised all young Muslims to be good and avoid any areas that are not safe». The head of the Garda National Diversity Bureau had also attended the gathering.

For the record, police announced, Monday, that they have identified the suspect, linked to the death of Raguragui.

Garda sources said that they believe a south Dublin teenager is the suspect for the stabbing that, adding that they have already been in contact with his family.

The suspect has not been arrested yet, but a teenager who said he was with Reguragui during the stabbing presented himself at a Garda station on Saturday and had been assisting the police since then.

Detectives revealed that teenagers who were there when Reguragui was stabbed took a video of the fight.

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