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Assaulted by a policeman, standup comedian Amine Radi withdraws his complaint

Moroccan standup comedian Amine Radi. / Ph. DR
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Moroccan standup comedian Amine Radi opened up, Monday, about the attack, in which he was beaten by a policeman in the middle of a Facebook livestream.  

Speaking to Arabic-language newspaper Febrayer, Radi said that he withdrew the complaint filed against the policeman featured in his Facebook livestream. «I have decided to forget about it once for all», he said, adding that his decision has to do with building his career here in Morocco.

Recalling what happened on Saturday, Radi said that he was «coming back from Bernoussi» when he saw a policeman coming from nowhere «telling him to stop and calling him a donkey». «There was no red light and no roundabout», he told the same source.

Amine Radi has also published two stories on his Instagram after his famous Facebook livestream. «I have the right to film someone who is attacking me. It was violent», he argued.

«I have never had problems with policemen. I am a Moroccan citizen. To work under the sun while it’s Ramadan is very difficult. I don’t know how this man managed to do it (…) I started filming what was happening because I was alone and my phone was the only witness I had».

Amine Radi

The standup comedian explained why he withdrew his complaint, saying : «I have no interest in him being heavily punished, although there is an investigation that has been launched on the same day. I don’t hold grudge against him».

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