Deal of the Century : Jared Kushner’s meeting with King Mohammed VI was «productive»

Jared Kushner’s visit to Morocco was seen as «positive and productive». The senior White House advisor flew to the Kingdom to drum up support for the US peace plan, which was slammed PJD and other Moroccan associations.

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Donald Trump's senior advisor Jared Kushner. / Ph. DR

Last week, senior White House advisor Jared Kushner visited Morocco to drum up support for the United States’ Israeli Palestinian peace plan.

During his trip to Rabat, Kushner and King Mohammed VI held a meeting that was described as «very positive and productive» by an administration official that spoke to New York Times.

Indeed, King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, offered an Iftar in honor of Kushner, Trump’s special envoy for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt and special Iran envoy Brian Hook.  

The three officials visited the Kingdom as part of a regional tour, initiated to back the US plan, also known as the «Deal of the Century».

A White House official told Associated Press that Kushner’s trip to Morocco is «part of [the Trump’s administration’s] efforts to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians».

After meeting the Moroccan sovereign, Greenblatt wrote on his twitter account, saying : «Thank you to His Majesty for a special evening and for sharing your wisdom».

Deal of the Century and Kushner's visit slammed by Moroccan groups

Kushner’s trip to Morocco was, however, slammed by several groups in the Kingdom. During the same week, three Moroccan associations called for a sit-in in front of the parliament to protest against the visit of Kushner and voice their opposition to the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.  

The National Action Group for Palestine, the Moroccan Association for the Support of the Palestinian Struggle and the Moroccan Commission for the Support of the Nation’s Issues were behind the sit-in that took place Friday in Rabat.

Speaking to Yabiladi, on Thursday, the three associations argued that Morocco must refuse the US plan and boycott the conference in Bahrain, meant to announce the economic portion of the plan.

A second sit-in was held Sunday, June 2, in front of the United States’ consulate in Casablanca to denounce Kushner’s plan. The sit-in was organized by Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Morocco and five other associations.

The US peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was also denounced by the ruling party in the Kingdom. On Sunday, the Justice and Development party (PJD) said in a statement that it considers the «Deal of the Century» as a «war plot against the Palestinian people». The party has also denounced the Trump administration’s support for «Zionist aggression».

For the record, Kushner flew to Jordan and then Israel after visiting Morocco. In Jordan, his meeting with King Abdullah was also seen as «positive and productive». However, King Abdullah «pointedly declared that any plan must provide for a Palestinian state», New York Times concluded.

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