Morocco dismantles terrorist cell of five individuals linked to ISIS

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The Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) dismantled on Tuesday a terrorist cell in Tetouan composed of five individuals, aged between 23 and 33 years, for their alleged link with the so-called «Islamic State» organization (ISIS).

Searches carried out as part of this case resulted in the seizure of electronic devices, knives and a military uniform, says the BCIJ in a statement.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the suspects have pledged allegiance to the so-called «Emir» of «Daesh» and have adhered to the propaganda of this terrorist group and its extremist speeches. They also maintained links with fighters on the Syrian-Iraqi scene in order to benefit from their experiences, the same source adds.

The inquiry also revealed the involvement of the suspects in the destructive agenda of this terrorist group as well as their attempt to plan and conduct large-scale terrorist and criminal operations in the Kingdom, the statement notes.

The five individuals will be brought to justice upon the completion of the investigation which is led under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office.

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