British chef Gordon Ramsay goes on a culinary adventure to Morocco

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British chef Gordon Ramsay in Morocco. / Ph. National Geographic

British chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay has gone exploring the wonders of the Moroccan cuisine. Shooting his new six-part cooking series «Uncharted», chef Ramsay traveled along the Atlas Mountains to discover the ancient flavors of the Amazigh culinary culture.

Partnered with American television network National Geographic, Ramsay started his adventure by mushroom hunting. Climbing the Middle Atlas Mountains, the chef was helped by mushroom hunter Abdullah to pick mushrooms. «I am a big adventurer and I love mushrooms (…) But that’s the scariest descent I’ve ever done for mushroom», Ramsay admitted.

Later in his trip, the British chef visited Fez where he met a local restaurateur. He was helped to cook medfouna, Moroccan stuffed bread with a blend of spices and mushrooms.

Ramsay was then taken to the house of a 9-year-old sous chef, where he learnt more about the Moroccan cuisine and grabbed the final ingredients for his Morocco dish.

«I’ve been humbled by these people’s incredible hospitality. I’ve learned techniques that go back centuries, and been reminded that you don’t need a fancy kitchen to produce truly outstanding cuisine», Ramsay concluded.

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