Throne Day : After 20 years of reign, the King wants to start a «new era» with «new blood»

Twenty years after ascending the throne, king Mohammed VI announced a cabinet reshuffle and the implementation of a special development committee.

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King Mohammed VI. / Ph. DR

 After twenty years of reign, king Mohammed VI announced the beginning of a «new era» that would be characterized by «new skills» and capable of handling challenges. This is the main message the Throne Day speech focused on.

This «new step» would help the country leave the «irregularities» and «empirical dysfunctions» behind, the sovereign pointed out, acknowledging that Morocco has «significantly increased its infrastructure quality» during the last couple of years.

In this regard, he referred to the «highways, high-speed train, major ports, renewable energy and urban rehabilitation projects». «We have also taken important steps in strengthening and consolidating rights and freedoms for a strong and sound anchoring of democratic practices».

Bringing «new blood»

«Nevertheless, we know that infrastructure and industrial reforms, as important as they might be, are not enough», the king argued. «For the sake of clarity and objectivity it is required to nuance this positive assessment as, the progress and achievements already reached, unfortunately, have not as of yet had a sufficient impact on the whole of the Moroccan society», the sovereign said.

This «new era» announced by the king begins with reforming the national development model. A mission that he had entrusted, three years ago, to the cabinet of the head of the government Saadeddine El Othmani and political parties. In the face of their failure to carry out this program appropriately, king Mohammed VI is planning to set up «a special committee to create a development model. We will proceed with its implementation at the beginning of the next yearly session», he said.

In fact, this new committee will have to be committed to the spirit of this «new era». «New blood must, therefore, be brought to the political, economic and administrative institutions and bodies, including the government. To this end, by the next yearly session, we will assign the head of the government to submit for our approval, proposals to renew and improve» managerial positions within governmental and administrative bodies. This must be done, all while suggesting high-level profiles, chosen according to the criteria of competence and merit.

The long-awaited cabinet reshuffle, which has been going on for months, will come to an end.

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