Morocco's police did not storm Liberia's embassy to chase protesting students, official says

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Liberian scholarship students protesting at the embassy of their country in Rabat. / Ph. DR

The Liberian government has finally responded to the demands of its stranded students in Morocco, who said that they have not received allowances for several months.

Speaking at a press briefing, Liberian Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh said that the scholarship students would receive allowances soon through the Ministries of Finance and Education, Front Page Africa Online reports.

The official, also, explained that these students who staged a sit-in at the Liberian embassy in Morocco were not forcibly removed from the premises by Moroccan police. «The police did not move into the Liberian embassy, rather, they followed students who left the Embassy and disturbing people on the streets», he said.

«Every country has its own rules in addressing tensions. We were told the students left the embassy’s compound and were infringing on the movement of peaceful Moroccan citizens, so this was why the police moved in and drove them away», Kelgbeh said.

As for the delay that these students were complaining about, the Liberian official said that «there has been a challenging situation with some scholarship students in Morocco who have over stayed their scholarship period».  

«There are students who have stayed in Morocco for nine years, seven and six years beyond their scholarship period. Therefore, the President has said those that have over stayed their time should return home», he argued.

For the record, a group of Liberian students, sent by their government to study in Morocco, were reportedly dispersed by the Moroccan police, last week, after they staged a protest at the Liberian embassy in Rabat.

The students, who say that they are unable to pay rent, were forced to leave one day after the start of their protest.

According to Liberian newspaper Daily Observer, the group of students were sent to Morocco after the signing of a memorandum of understanding. The latter agreed to grant these students «US$300 for each student’s bills, including rental fee for an apartment, electricity, water, transportation, and feeding».

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