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World Bank loans Morocco 500 million dollars to support education sector

The World Bank. / Ph. DR
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The World Bank (WB) will allocate 500 million dollars to finance a program to support the education sector in Morocco, which will be officially launched on October 10.

According to data unveiled at a press conference held, Tuesday in Rabat, by the WB and the Ministry of Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, this program, designed in support of the goal of improving educational results for all, will benefit from funding from the international financial institution of 500 million dollars in the form of a program loan for results, under which disbursement of funds is conditional on achieving key results.

This operation is part of the continuation of the government's strategic vision and aims to foster a shift in approach towards governance principles focusing on results and not on resources, with the goal of improving learning in classrooms.

It relies on components, specified according to the main obstacles to progress in the sector, namely the establishment of conditions conducive to quality preschool education, the improvement of teacher training, the reinforcement of training capacities in management and accountability within the sector.

Speaking at the press conference, Hind Belahbib, official in charge of strategic direction, statistics and planning at the ministry, said the program is part of the support of the World Bank to the Moroccan government, particularly to the national education sector, to help with the implementation of the strategic vision of the 2015-2030 reform and the framework law on the education and training system.

«The program aims to generalize the education of children between 4 and 5 years old by 2017, by setting up a framework to promote the quality of preschool education offer in Morocco», she said.

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