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Morocco’s business competitiveness ranked third in Africa by the World Economic Forum

Morocco’s business competitiveness is ranked third in Africa, according to the World Economic Forum’s recent edition of the Global Competitiveness Index. Morocco maintains the same performance as last year in a ranking that covers 141 economies.

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Just as last year’s ranking, Morocco is 75th in the world in term of business competitiveness. The ranking is part of the Global Competitiveness Index, a report compiled by the World Economic Forum.

Covering 141 economies and measuring institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity, the report granted the Kingdom 60 points out 100 for its economy’s 2019 performance.

Although Morocco could not better its position in the ranking, it managed to top the list of Maghreb countries included in the index. While Morocco is ranked first in the region, Tunisia (87) and Algeria (89) are third and fourth respectively. Libya was not included in the ranking and Mauritania is 134th.

In Africa, Morocco is ranked 3rd behind Mauritius 52nd and South Africa 60th. In the Arab World, the Kingdom is ranked eighth behind the United Arab Emirates 25th, Qatar 29th, Saudi Arabia 36th, Bahrain 45th, Kuwait 46th, Oman 53rd and Jordan 70th in the world.

Business competitiveness in Morocco

The Global Competitiveness Index has based its evaluation on 12 sub-indexes to give an overview of countries' capability of providing high levels of prosperity to their citizens.

Thus, in the institutions index Morocco is ranked 45th (54th in 2018), with a score of 60 points. It is also ranked 54th in infrastructure, with 73 points. The Kingdom is ranked 97th in the ICT adoption sub-index, with a score of 46 points.

As for macroeconomic stability, Morocco is doing better than last year, keeping the same score, i.e. 43rd. For the health sub-index, Morocco is at the 91st place with 90 points, instead of 88th in the world as recorded in 2018.

According to the authors of the report «the results of the GCI 4.0 in 2019 reveal that, on average, most economies continue to be far from the competitiveness 'frontier'—the aggregate ideal across all factors of competitiveness».

The global ranking was topped by Singapore 1st, the United States 2nd, Hong Kong 3rd, the Netherlands 4th, and Switzerland 5th. Meanwhile, Chad, Yemen, Congo, Haiti and Mozambique are at the bottom of the ranking.

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