Prince Moulay Rachid holds talks with Japanese Prime Minister in Tokyo

(with MAP)
Prince Moulay Rachid and Japanese Prime minister Abe Shinzo. / Ph. MAP
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Moulay Rachid, who represented King Mohammed VI at the enthronement ceremony of the new Japanese Emperor, held on Thursday at the Akasaka Imperial Residence in Tokyo, talks with Japanese Prime minister Abe Shinzo.

During this meeting, the Japanese Prome Minister commended the considerable economic, social and human progress achieved in the Kingdom, highlighting the steady development of economic cooperation between Rabat and Tokyo.

This meeting took place in the presence of Morocco’s ambassador to Japan, Rachad Bouhlal.

Prince Moulay Rachid took part, on Wednesday at the Akasaka Imperial Residence, in a tea reception offered by the new sovereign of Japan in honor of the monarchs and members of the royal families who attended the ceremony of his enthronement.

Prince Moulay Rachid also attended on Tuesday a dinner offered by the Emperor of Japan on the occasion of the enthronement ceremony, held on Tuesday afternoon at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo in the presence of more than 2,500 guests from 190 countries, including foreign dignitaries and members of royal families.

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