NASA awards exceptional service medal to Moroccan Kamal Oudrhiri

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Morocco's Kamal Oudrhiri. / Ph. DR

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) awarded the prestigious Exceptional Service Medal to Moroccan Kamal Oudrhiri, to reward him for his sustained performances and multiple contributions to NASA projects and programs.

Oudrhiri, who worked for 20 years in the Space Agency, was also awarded this year 5 Team NASA excellence awards rewarding the importance of collective work for the success of space missions.

He has contributed to various cutting-edge projects such as the Cold Atom Laboratory, the Mars InSight Mission, MarCO, CubeSat first interplanetary mission, the MAVEN (ROSE), and New Horizons Ultima Thule.

Currently, Oudrhiri is in charge of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Planetary Radar & Radio Sciences group. His research focuses on planetary atmospheric characterization, gravity science and bistatic radar. He also manages the Cold Atom Lab (CAL) project.

«I work closely with scientists from NASA different centers in the areas of communication, radio science, radar and Quantum technologies to develop the next generation of spacecraft», he told MAP.

Oudrhiri had received three NASA JPL Mariner Honorary Awards, three JPL Voyager Honor Awards and 39 Team Excellence Awards.

In 2017, the Moroccan was awarded the «People Leadership Award», which recognizes outstanding human leadership skills.

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