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The Africa Eco Race to kick off in January with a Guerguerate border crossing stage

The Africa Eco Race. / Ph. DR
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The 12th edition of the Africa Eco Race is set to begin on January 5 and end on the 19th of the same month, linking Monaco to Dakar (Senegal).

According to the race’s organizers, the participants will arrive in Morocco on January 7, driving through Dakhla on the 12th. The drivers are expected to arrive in Mauritania on the 14th and Dakar on the 19th.

In 2020, the Africa Eco Race contestants will be driving through the Guerguerate border crossing, a route that has been rejected by the Polisario Front in the previous editions.

Last year, and during the 11th edition of the race, Sahrawi youngsters threatened to intervene and stop the race in Guerguerate, «protesting against the Moroccan government», reported Futuro Sahara. Despite the Polisario’s threats, drivers from the Africa Eco Race made it safely to Mauritania.

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