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Independence Manifesto Day : Royal pardon for 265 people

King Mohammed VI. / DR
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On the occasion of the commemoration of the presentation of the Independence Manifesto, King Mohammed VI granted his pardon to 265 people sentenced by the different Moroccan courts, said a statement by the Justice Ministry.

The detained beneficiaries of the royal pardon are 204 and are divided into:

-204 inmates who had their prison terms reduced.

The beneficiaries of the royal pardon whom are on bail are 61 and are divided into:

- 12 prisoners who benefited from pardon over their remaining prison terms.

- 04 inmates who benefited from pardon over their imprisonment terms while their fines were maintained.

- 45 prisoners had their fines annulled.

On this glorious occasion, the King granted his pardon to eight female prisoners convicted in terrorism cases and who participated in the fifth edition of the Reconciliation (Moussalaha) program.

This royal gesture towards these detainees comes in response to pardon requests which the prisoners submitted to the Sovereign, and which only obtained royal approval after having officially revised their ideological orientations, rejected extremism and terrorism, and expressed their attachment to the constant values and sacredness of the Nation.

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