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Morocco : A national march against the «Deal of the century» scheduled for February 9 in Rabat

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Several NGOs, political organizations and trade unions have called for a national march to denounce the American «peace plan» for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, also known as the «Deal of the century». The march is scheduled for February 9 in Rabat.

In a recent statement, the National Action Group for Palestine said that this march is in response to the American initiative, which aims «to conserve the occupation of Palestine by making Al-Quds the capital of the entity».

The same association announced the creation of a national organizing committee to prepare for this march to set up «a popular struggle program».

The Moroccan Association for Support to the Palestinian Struggle and the Moroccan Observatory against Normalization with Israel, as well as representatives from political parties, trade unions and human rights organizations will take part in this march.

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