Morocco mobilized to facilitate return of foreign tourists to their countries

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Minister of Tourism, Crafts, Air Transport and Social Economy Nadia Fettah Alaoui said that Morocco is mobilized to facilitate the return of foreign tourists marooned in Morocco towards their countries.

«A special mechanism has been set up, in particular through the authorization of nearly a hundred special flights which have enabled the repatriation of several thousands of tourists, the increase in the capacity of the last commercial flights by the national carrier RAM and in the number of rotations, the mobilization of all competent authorities at several airports, as well as awareness raising for tour operators and their partner companies», said the minister in a statement on Monday.

According to Fettah Alaoui, Morocco's action was carried out in a spirit of dialogue and responsibility with regard to these foreign tourists. «Morocco is in no way acting on an injunction or on an inappropriate order from foreign authorities, our country treats tourists of all nationalities on an equal footing», she said.

The Kingdom of Morocco, which understood very early the scope of the Coronavirus problem, was among the first countries to take drastic but necessary measures, especially since the majority of cases of infection in Morocco are imported cases, mostly from three countries, she concluded.

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