Coronavirus : Morocco postpones promotions and recruitment competitions

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All promotions programmed as part of the current year's budget, not yet completed, as well as recruitment competitions, except those whose results have already been announced, have been postponed in order to cope with the negative consequences of the spread of the new coronavirus.

In order to lessen the burden on the State budget and to enable it to direct the available financial resources towards the challenges facing it, it was decided to take exceptional measures with regard to public administrations, local authorities, administrative establishments and public bodies and institutions, whose employees' salaries are taken from the general budget, the circular states.

These measures concern the postponement of all promotions programmed in the current year's budget which have not yet been completed, the same source adds, noting that authorising officers do not have to submit draft decisions relating to such promotions to the services of the Inspectorate-General of Finance.

It was also decided to postpone all recruitment competitions, with the exception of those for which results have already been announced, the source stresses, adding that the employment needs of public administrations will be met, within the limits of available resources, as soon as this situation ends.

These exceptional measures do not concern the jobs and agents of the administrations in charge of internal Security and the staff of the health sector, the statement underlines.

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