Morocco lauds the results of chloroquine use amid coronavirus crisis

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The use of chloroquine in several countries, including China and the United States, has shown good results in the treatment of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), said Wednesday the Ministry of Health, stressing that it has adopted this treatment following the recommendation of the Technical and Scientific Commission of the national prevention and control program on influenza and severe respiratory infections.

As part of its interaction with the ongoing debate on the effectiveness of the treatment based on chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine on people infected with Covid-19, the ministry underlined that this drug, which it generalized a few days ago in university hospitals and regional health centers to treat Covid-19 cases, has been used for years to cure malaria and chronic diseases (such as arthritis and other immune diseases) for long periods of time, sometimes reaching years, and this under strict and specialized medical supervision in order to monitor and limit the side effects that it may generate.

The Ministry of Health has provided all the necessary means to ensure the safe implementation of this decision, the statement said, adding that the reaction of Covid-19 patients to the treatment based on chloroquine in all public and military hospitals nationwide will be under observation.

The same source recalls that the ministry has published circular N° 22 addressed to health professionals dated March 23, which contains recommendations of the aforementioned Scientific Commission concerning the conditions and use of this treatment.

The ministry has also reassured all Moroccans suffering from chronic diseases requiring chloroquine drugs that they can get them for free at the various regional and provincial pharmacies in the various services of the ministry, after presentation of their medical file.

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