Morocco : 14 people arrested for selling electronic devices used in school exam fraud

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Police in Salé, Temara, Agadir, Oujda and Meknes, during the month of June helped arrest 14 people for their alleged involvement in cases of possession and trafficking of sophisticated electronic devices used for fraud in baccalaureate exams.

According to the National Police (DGSN), these operations have targeted posts on social media and on e-commerce sites regarding electronic chips used to receive phone calls and connected to a headset. 7 suspects were arrested in Salé and 6 others in the cities of Temara, Oujda and Agadir, as well as another one in Meknes, suspected of being involved in the sale of these materials.

The search operations also allowed the seizure of 345 electronic chips of different types, as well as headphones, batteries and chargers, said DGSN, noting that computers and cell phones carrying digital traces of the trafficking operations of these materials on the Internet, were also seized.

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