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Amnesty International's espionage claims against Morocco are unfounded, Foreign Minister

Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita. / DR
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Amnesty International's espionage claims against Morocco are unfounded, said Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans abroad, Nasser Bourita, stressing that the Kingdom criticizes this organization for «having failed in the duty of neutrality and objectivity».

«Far from being in a dynamic of dialogue, they carried out a real media campaign on the basis of unfounded accusations, hence misleading several media and journalists», Bourita pointed out in an interview with Swiss newspaper «Tribune de Genève».

«This is completely untrue. We unequivocally reject these accusations» he said.

AI has «attempted to make the link in their document between Morocco and NSO. However, there is no evidence that establishes or proves any link. And so far, weeks have passed without them being able to prove it. They claim that only states can hack into phones using the networks they control through phone operators. But today, devices that mimic network signal and hack into mobile phones are sold online», Bourita underlined.

He noted that the response from the organization's acting secretary general «does not answer our questions».

«The Tel Aviv court on Monday dismissed AI’s complaint against the NSO company, justifying this decision by AI’s failure to prove that the software was being used by their government. This is another case in which Amnesty International speaks without evidence», Bourita added.

For the record, Amnesty International alleged that Moroccan journalist Omar Radi had been targeted with an Israeli-made spyware. Morocco rejected the allegations, asking the NGO to provide proof.

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