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Average lending rate drops to 4.58% in Morocco during the Q2-2020, Central Bank

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The overall weighted average loan rate has fallen by 29 points to 4.58%, according to the results of a survey by Bank Al-Maghrib (central bank) on lending rates relating to the second quarter of 2020.

Rates fell by 23 points to 4.41% for liquidity facilities and 31 points to 4.21% for equipment loans, according to the results of this survey released on Wednesday.

Bank Al-Maghrib noted that rates rose by 6 points to 5.22% for mortgage loans and 34 points to 7.09% for consumer loans.

By institutional sector, the rates applied to loans for individuals fell by 11 points to 5.53% and those providing assistance to non-financial companies fell by 26 points to 4.44%, noted the same source.

For private non-financial companies in particular, rates fell by 36 points to 4.44% globally, reflecting declines of 28 points to 4.14% for large corporations and 65 points to 5.18 for very small, small and medium-sized enterprises (VSEs).

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