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Morocco dismantles ISIS-linked terror cell

One of the three operations carried out Thursday by BCIJ. / Ph. Mohamed Koumia - Hespress
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The Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) dismantled, Thursday, an ISIS-linked terror cell which had links in several Moroccan cities.

These operations were carried out simultaneously early in the morning in the cities of Tangier, Tiflet, Temara and Skhirat and led to the arrest of five extremists aged between 29 and 43, BCIJ said in a release.

In Tiflet, BCIJ elements faced fierce resistance from of the suspects who attempted to assault them and injured one of them in the forearm with a sharp tool, before being arrested by BCIJ elements that fired warning bullets and used sound bombs.

The suspect who was arrested in the city of Temara tried to blow himself up using a large gas cylinder and faced BCIJ element with fierce resistance which forced them to fire four bullets and use sound and smoke bombs to neutralize the individual.

Search operations carried out at homes and apartments used by the suspects as safe houses and logistics bases led to the seizure of three explosive belts, electronic devices, chemical substances and nearly 3 kg of ammonium nitrate, the source added.

According to initial investigations, the cell's leader, who has a criminal record, has planned alongside the other suspects to carry out terrorist operations on several sensitive sites through using explosive belts.

The suspects have reached an advanced phase in preparing and implementing their terrorist schemes as they have conducted reconnaissance missions to identify their targets before carrying out suicide attacks using explosive belts as part of ISIS destructive agenda, the source added.

The suspects were placed on custody pending the end of investigations conducted under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office.

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