20.61 . Moses said unto them : Woe unto you! Invent not a lie against Allah , lest He extirpate you by some punishment . He who lieth faileth miserably .
20.62 . Then they debated one with another what they must do , and they kept their counsel secret .
20.63 . They said : Lo! these are two wizards who would drive you out from your country by their magic , and destroy your best traditions ;
20.64 . So arrange your plan , and come in battle line . Whoso is uppermost this day will be indeed successful .
20.65 . They said : O Moses! Either throw first , or let us be the first to throw?
20.66 . He said : Nay , do ye throw! Then Lo! their cords and their staves , by their magic , appeared to him as though they ran .
20.67 . And Moses conceived a fear in his mind
20.68 . We said : Fear not! Lo! thou art the higher .
20.69 . Throw that which is in thy right hand! It will eat up that which they have made . Lo! that which they have made but a wizards artifice , and a wizard shall not be successful to whatever point ( of skill ) he may attain .
20.70 . Then the wizards were ( all ) flung down prostrate , crying : We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses .
20.71 . ( Pharaoh ) said : Ye put faith in him before I give you leave . Lo! he is your chief who taught you magic . Now surely I shall cut off your hands and your feet alternately , and I shall crucify you on the trunks of palm trees , and ye shall know for certain which of us hath sterner and more lasting punishment .
20.72 . They said : We choose thee not above the clear proofs that have come unto us , and above Him Who created us . So decree what thou wilt decree . Thou wilt end for us only the life of the world .
20.73 . Lo! we believe in our Lord , that He may forgive us our sins and the magic unto which thou didst force us . Allah is better and more lasting .
20.74 . Lo! whoso cometh guilty unto his Lord , verily for him is hell . There he will neither die nor live .
20.75 . But whoso cometh unto Him a believer , having done good works , for such are the high stations ;
20.76 . Gardens of Eden underneath which rivers flow , wherein they will abide for ever . That is the reward of him who groweth .
20.77 . And verily We inspired Moses , saying : Take away My slaves by night and strike for them a dry path in the sea , fearing not to be overtaken , neither being afraid ( of the sea ) .
20.78 . Then Pharaoh followed with his hosts and there covered them that which did cover them of the sea .
20.79 . And Pharaoh led his folk astray , he did not guide them .
20.80 . O Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy , and We made a covenant with you on the holy mountain ' s side , and sent down on you the manna and the quails ,
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