20.121 . Then they twain ate thereof , so that their shame became apparent unto them , and they began to hide by heaping on themselves some of the leaves of the Garden . And Adam disobeyed his Lord , so went astray .
20.122 . Then his Lord chose him , and relented toward him , and guided him .
20.123 . He said : Go down hence , both of you , one of you a foe unto the other . But if there come unto you from Me a guidance , then whoso followeth My guidance , he will not go astray nor come to grief .
20.124 . But he who turneth away from remembrance of Me , his will be a narrow life , and I shall bring him blind to the assembly on the Day of Resurrection .
20.125 . He will say : My Lord! Wherefore hast Thou gathered me ( hither ) blind , when I was wont to see?
20.126 . He will say : So ( it must be ) . Our revelations came unto thee but thou didst forget them . In like manner thou art forgotten this Day .
20.127 . Thus do We reward him who is prodigal and believeth not the revelations of his Lord ; and verily the doom of the Hereafter will be sterner and more lasting .
20.128 . Is it not a guidance for them ( to know ) how many a generation We destroyed before them , amid whose dwellings they walk? Lo! therein verily are signs for men of thought .
20.129 . And but for a decree that had already gone forth from thy Lord , and a term already fixed , the judgment would ( have ) been inevitable ( in this world ) .
20.130 . Therefor ( O Muhammad ) , bear with what they say , and celebrate the praises of thy Lord ere the rising of the sun and ere the going down thereof . And glorify Him some hours of the night and at the two ends of the day , that thou mayst find acceptance .
20.131 . And strain not thine eyes toward that which We cause some wedded pairs among them to enjoy , the flower of the life of the world , that We may try them thereby . The provision of thy Lord is better and more lasting .
20.132 . And enjoin upon thy people worship , and be constant therein . We ask not of thee a provision : We provide for thee . And the sequel is for righteousness .
20.133 . And they say : If only he would bring us a miracle from his Lord! Hath there not come unto them the proof of what is in the former Scriptures?
20.134 . And if We had destroyed them with some punishment before it , they would assuredly have said : Our Lord! If only Thou hadst sent unto us a messenger , so that we might have followed Thy revelations before we were ( thus ) humbled and disgraced!
20.135 . Say : Each is awaiting ; so await ye! Ye will come to know who are the owners of the path of equity , and who is right .
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