20.81 . ( Saying ) : Eat of the good things wherewith We have provided you , and transgress not in respect thereof lest My wrath come upon you ; and he on whom My wrath cometh , he is lost indeed .
20.82 . And lo! verily I am Forgiving toward him who repenteth and believeth and doeth good , and afterward walketh aright .
20.83 . And ( it was said ) : What hath made thee hasten from thy folk , O Moses?
20.84 . He said : They are close upon my track . I hastened unto Thee that Thou mightest be well pleased .
20.85 . He said : Lo! We have tried thy folk in thine absence , and As-Samiri hath misled thee
20.86 . Then Moses went back unto his folk , angry and sad He said : O my people! Hath not your Lord promised you a fair promise? Did the time appointed then appear too long for you , or did ye wish that wrath from your Lord should come upon you , that ye broke tryst with me?
20.87 . They said : We broke not tryst with thee of our own will , but we were laden with burdens of ornaments of the folk , then cast them ( in the fire ) , for thus As-Samiri proposed
20.88 . Then he produced for them a calf , of saffron hue , which gave forth a lowing sound . And they cried : This is your God and the God of Moses , but he hath forgotten .
20.89 . See they not , then , that it returneth no saying unto them and possesseth for them neither hurt nor use?
20.90 . And Aaron indeed had told them beforehand : O my people! Ye are but being seduced therewith , for lo! your Lord is the Beneficent , so follow me and obey my order .
20.91 . They said : We shall by no means cease to be its votaries till Moses return unto us .
20.92 . He ( Moses ) said : O Aaron! What held thee back when thou didst see them gone astray ,
20.93 . That thou followedst me not? Hast thou then disobeyed my order?
20.94 . He said : O son of my mother! Clutch not my beard nor my head! I feared lest thou shouldst say : Thou hast caused division among the Children of Israel , and hast not waited for my word .
20.95 . ( Moses ) said : And what has thou to say , O Samiri?
20.96 . He said : I perceived what they perceive not , so I seized a handful from the footsteps of the messenger , and then threw it in . Thus my soul commended to me .
20.97 . ( Moses ) said : Then go! And lo! in this life it is for thee to say : Touch me not! and lo! there is for thee a tryst thou canst not break . Now look upon thy god of which thou hast remained a votary . Verily we will burn it and will scatter its dust over the sea .
20.98 . Your God is only Allah , than Whom there is no other God He embraceth all things in His knowledge .
20.99 . Thus relate Who unto thee ( Muhammad ) some tidings of that which happened of old , and We have given thee from Our presence a Reminder .
20.100 . Whoso turneth away from it , he verily will bear a burden on the Day of Resurrection ,
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