You can Relinquish the right of "use and ownership" to your chosen beneficiaries after your death but not before-- A notary- in consulate should ratify that for you and your set. The " ...More
It's one serious pillar that's been lost in this part of the world. What a loss! Thanks for letting us ...More
Do you know what theexpression means? Or are you just fuming? I'm just trying to help, don't insult ...More
What is enough, then, darling? ...More
hocalate and flowers and by being nice, ...More
If I had time, I would play this dirty game with You. Too bad you came here with your filthy ideas and made up style. For all I know from your predictable mitakes, Your one and interjecting as two or ...More
Some songs I would listen to are: Shaabi, Jadwan, Aasri, Marakshi... Gnawa: Kasri ( no remix please) Jilala, Ghiwane (old and new) Ahouzar, Hamounia, TIhihit (the Old and the Young one), ...More
What's up" Welcome! Good topic for a change. I have listened to some of the links above- Not my cup of tea- is it really Moroccan? It's more Karaoke type of deal. Very Tasteless in ...More
vtt DUDE: I was wondering about the pix of the mini van, and i have an idea for you: it's OK if you take a pic of your mini van and the action your girls get!... that will do. I am sure you ...More
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