[Morocco # English board] Re: Interfaith love
19 septembre 2020 à 16:59
Where there is love there is strength to succeed.....No one faith holds the key to life, love and ...More
[Morocco # English board] Re: Interfaith love
19 septembre 2020 à 16:57
There is no space in present times for such views.....If you stand by such negative view on religion then we should or might as well all stay within the confines of our home states and end up ...More
[Morocco # English board] Re: Interfaith love
14 septembre 2020 à 05:44
Anyone can marry any other so long as they have the faith in themselves, and are in favourable circumstances and situations. I am one if those who have achieved ...More
I beg to differ, I am of West African Heritage and am married to a Morrocan, and I am not a Muslim. We have 5 sons and have been married for two decades and five years now. Marriage is marriage it is ...More
There is no need to be rude or religioculturally ignorant about any one person's views or choices in life. No one here has walked in this person's shoes nor followed his ...More
Thank you for your advice, I am in UK and have no direct link to an I am on ground in Morocco so, I am going to the Embassey to see a ...More
Well marriage is what it is, so long as it is allowed to flourish devoid of rancur, religious bias, and ethnic incompatibility issues which are ancient mindless stumbling blocks. I am married to a ...More
[Général] Re: Les hommes les hommes
14 janvier 2020 à 14:40
Men are bad??? or you mean people can be ...More
Well that is a very biased statement and question, therefore it is best answered withe the reply that it is a two way street. I applies to both men and women, as in these days of lax modernity and ...More
Hello, I have a case some what like the above; My late father Allah yarham his soul, left behind properties in Larache Morocco and in Uk, and I would like to know who has right to dispose of them ...More
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