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Need to plan vacation to europe from us (maybe a journey to morocco included if...
11 February 2005 03:58
Dear all,

I would be very delightful if you can provide me with anyhelp to my situation.

I want to plan a vacation of 2 weeks destination Paris from the US - Washington DC in july.

And I also want to fly from france (or germany) to Morocco then return back to the us (either directly or returning back to europe) after staying 45 days.

That was the senario, you fellows who are more used to these flies can you suggest me a better road map ? As you will know, I am a student that wants to discover europe without uncovering my pocket.

If you have any friendly agency contacts or phone numbers (www, and [email protected] also welcommed) please share !

With best regards,

May the blessings be upon you !
13 February 2005 17:19
Hi ZIAS; Check the folowing sites
Click multidestination flight and see what it'l give you.
Another way is
1-to go Round trip to PAris.

2-Buy a Euro-rail ticket ( and you can choose how many coutries you want to visit in Europe) Check Eauro-rail site! you can find some amazing deals.
Good luck!

P.S: Travel agent would do the same and charge you extra!
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