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Shipping car from US to morocco??
28 April 2008 04:57
Hi everybodysmiling smiley

I need to ship my car from the US to morocco, but i have no idea how to proceed...Can anyone help?
How much does it cost?
How much is the tax duty in Morocco (dedouanement)?
Do you know of any shipping agency?...

Thank you very much
28 April 2008 06:08

first you need to source for shipping companies in your area (try google and you'll find a range of shipping companies)
if you 're staying in a coastal area it won't be any problem for you to find a competitive price. they can also provide you with the cost, information about how long it 'll take to reach Morocco and all the shipping condition.

regarding tax in Morocco, try this link:

with all the best
28 April 2008 08:10

i don't know if you are planning to settle permanently in Morocco? if it's the case, make sure your car's spare part as well as repairing and maintenance services are available in Morocco...
28 April 2008 10:28
as if Morocco hasn't got cars... go there buddy and hire or buy one; others talked and talked about this subject in other forums and the answer was its too expensive and not worth the effort because you have to have a container on a ship, insurance, and the custom tax than you have to fly over there and wait for it, plus other hidden costs (Bribes). One has to be either rich or foolish to do that. It could take tow or three weeks may be more.

Adidas Best container and coffins
28 April 2008 16:46
Thanks all for your input and for the link...
You r right, all things considered, shipping a car back home remains an expensive makes more sense to better rent/buy one there.
1 May 2008 22:59
camelia get a motorbike there in maroc
7 November 2019 23:53
To all my brothers and Sister,

I am looking to ship my car to Morocco but was told if I can find another person and share the container with, it makes us save $ 1500. See below:
[] m-usa

If anyone has a car to ship please reach back to me.
12 February 2023 17:22
You'd have to contact a shipper and get a quote for an accurate answer. I know this company [] ships internationally and they'll quote you for free without much hassle. Expect to pay a pretty penny though. Overseas transport is not cheap!
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