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Things that you miss in Morocco
25 May 2010 18:53
Eating Couscous on Fridays with the whole family in a big plate (9esriya) or (gs3aa)Grinning smiley
25 May 2010 18:57
25 May 2010 23:28
I miss a sandwich of tuna, chilly sauce and quarter French stick I used to buy at the break time for less than 2 pence. That sandwich had a unique taste that I can’t replicate. For start the bread was a bit hard and perhaps the tin of tuna was out of sale by date. I love it and it did me no harm.
I a miss the zari3a too we used to eat during the subjects we found boring like Arabic, history and geography. Zari3a now doesn’t taste the same because I can not produce that feeling of the worry of getting caught at the same time.

The thing is me who is not sameCrying

Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
26 May 2010 13:44

i miss my family
''''''''my mum's cooking
''''''''watching my favourite channels
'''''''my room and bed Smiling Smiley
26 May 2010 17:58
Salam adds,

I think you studied in one of the schools or in the same area in Casablanca where I studiedGrinning smiley 'cause we used to have the same magic sandwich of tuna, chili sauce and quarter French stick, commonly known as "sandwich dial thon ou le7roor" after the break of 10am. It was just divine!
You said:'The thing is me who is not same' Let me reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you or your taste because I bought the same ingredients while I was in Morocco and tried to make that same sandwich but the outcome was disastrous. Maybe my tin of tuna was not expiredGrinning smiley
As for zari3a, it used to be for the afternoon break and that also is a "Marque deposée" which you cannot have it done at home or imitate no matter how hard you trySmiling Smiley

26 May 2010 18:16
Salam Skycity,

I undestand your missing of the family, the Mum's cooking, the room and the bed but I fail to understand your missing of the Tv. channels! Are you talking about Moroccan channels? Can't you get them in New Zealand?
26 May 2010 20:09
Thank you brother "adds" for reminding me of something that I miss in Morocco:
3aress Maghribi (Moroccan Wedding) with as you said (ca3bggzal, briwate etc..)
27 May 2010 00:17
thank you proudly Moroccan
I used to go to some relatives in the moyen atlas Midelt and we used to have la7khlee3 and eggs as soon as we arrive there this is after about ten hours driving that taste is just so nice. I also miss the braun with eggs " sheep brain". to wash it down a nice cup of tea. Chef
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
27 May 2010 08:44
salam Proudly Moroccan,

here it's a private company called "sky" but has nothing to do with my pseudo Smiling Smiley. it only provides packs which doesn't include any of my favourite channels.
no i wasn't talking about Moroccan ones but others like aljazeera, aljazeera sport, ikra etc....
6 June 2010 15:12
the fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
7 June 2010 18:31
Weather, fresh fish, fresh fruit (most of all figs and giant peaches)
7 June 2010 20:24
The warmth of Moroccan peopleSmiling Smiley
15 July 2010 23:19
SalamSmiling Smiley

My granny...I miss her never-ending stories...her priceless recommendations and her easy-going personality!

One of a kind!

Sweet dreams.

Elegance is an attitude[i]Thank you, my dear friends, for all your sweet messages, I love you too...[/i]
29 August 2010 14:59

My very dear mother with her love ands big tenderness without spaking about its cooking

31 August 2010 19:02
I really miss that silence after the zouwaka at the iftar time the street become empty only a few vehicles rushing back home to catch up with lahrira. In fact the zouwaka itself is like a curfew. That silence is like been in heaven for no less then two hours and the beauty is that most Muslim countries enjoy it.
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
7 June 2015 15:23
Oh god.. The streets. Simply, the streets.

And most definitely the warmth of Moroccans.
11 June 2015 18:41
The grave of my father.
One day, maybe. InshaAllah
15 June 2015 23:06
I would say a good fish tajine in Agadir for only 40dhs!
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