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Royal Air Maroc : Additional flights at reduced fares starting this Thursday

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After the success of its rates causing quite a stir, the Royal Air Maroc (RAM) announced the set-up of additional flights to provide a solution to the important booking demand, The booking of those flights will be available as soon as Thursday, June 17th.

The RAM will arrange a series of additional flights starting from Europe. Will be concerned in France the airports of Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Lyon ; of Brussels in Belgium ; Frankfurt in Germany, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Those flights will take off the weeks from July 29th to August 4th and September 2nd to September 8th to make sure that the Moroccan living abroad will be able to come to Morocco and return later in their places of residence.

After the announcement of the set-up of an exceptional rate to allow the return of Moroccans living abroad, in accordance with royal instructions, RAM faced an explosion of booking demands.

In only one night, 120,000 bookings were made on their website, causing an overload of the servers. The day after, it was the Brussels’ agency that had to face a high demand with a very high affluence. The police had to intervene to maintain order and the agency had to close the following day.

The consequence of this high demand was a saturation of the flights, especially for the months of June and July. The additional flights that have just been announced should give an answer, if only in part, to the high expectations of the Moroccan community living in Europe.  

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