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Moroccan tomatoes invade the Middle Eastern Market

Moroccan tomatoes are invading the Middle Eastern market./Ph. DR
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Moroccan tomatoes are invading the Middle Eastern market making their way to countries like Qatar and the UAE, FreshPlaza reports. The trade is gaining popularity among costumers and importers in that region where the heat and the climate is not really suitable for agriculture.

Lamia Al Adlouni, the Marketing Manager of the Moroccan exporter Atlantic Gulf company (AGCO) told the same source that «The current trend started about two or three years ago and has led to increased competition within the Moroccan sector». Morocco has been quite active on the trade supplying gulf countries with yellow cherry tomatoes round and plum tomatoes and red peppers.

Competing with Egypt, Spain and the Netherlands Morocco has been able to attract importers. «The main difference is price. The Netherlands have easier and cheaper logistics and facilities for packaging. The varieties are all the same. It all comes down to prices», Al Adlouni explained to FreshPlaza. «We’ve had a good rain season and climatic season. So we’re hoping for the best», Al Adlouni concluded.

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