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Spain : A Moroccan teenager victim of a racially-motivated assault

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The recent attacks in Catalonia have already shown their perverse effect : after the acts of vandalism against the consulate of Morocco and the mosque of Tarragona, a young man of Moroccan origin was the victim on Friday 18th of August in Puerto de Sagunto (province of Valencia), of a physical and verbal assault, according to the online newspaper Diario Información.

A. F., 14, was surfing the Internet on his phone with a friend when an Audi A3 car stopped next to them. «Get out of here, go back to your country, shitty Arabs,» the driver of the vehicle said then kicked him twice in the left thigh and ribs.

The aggressor is believed to be a man aged between 25 and 30, according to the description that the boy gave to the police. «If I see you again, I'll kill you like a shit, Arab", he said to him before he went quietly to an ATM to withdraw money.

The victim is currently suffering from post-traumatic stress and is now refusing to leave his home. «I was making dinner when my son told me to come downstairs because he was beaten», his father said.

The young man was taken to the medical center of Puerto de Sagunto, accompanied by his father and the other boy, aged 13 and of Spanish origin, who witnessed the scene. The medical examinations revealed that A. F. suffered from a «contusion of the left lateral side, with an amplification of the pain while breathing» and a «bruise on the lateral side of the left thigh». The police are still looking for the attacker.

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