Food stampede in Sidi Boulaalam: Fifteen dead and five wounded

15 people died in a stampede and 5 others wounded on Sunday in a village near Essaouira./Ph. DR
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Fifteen people have died in a food stampede in Sidi Boulaalam, a village near Essaouira, on Sunday 19 of November. Five other were wounded in the same accident, according to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry and sent to Yabiladi.

King Mohammed VI instructed the relevant authorities to take all necessary measures and to support and assist the families of the victims and the wounded.

The expenses of burial of the remains as well as the hospitalization fees of the five wounded, will also be covered by the sovereign. The wounded were transferred to the regional hospital of Essaouira.

A judicial inquiry under the supervision of the general delegation was opened to determine the circumstances of the tragedy and to identify those responsible. The Interior Ministry has also opened a full administrative inquiry into the subject.

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