The attack targeting a veiled girl in Toronto did not happen, according to police

The attack targeting a veiled girl in Toronto did not happen, according to police./Ph. DR
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An incident involving a 11-year-old girl who claimed that her hijab was cut by an individual outdoors «did not happen», according to the Toronto police, reports CTV news on Monday.

On Friday, local police said it was investigating about a girl that claimed being attacked by a man with a pair of scissors while going to school in the eastern part of the city.

According to the police, the girl was on her way to school when she noticed that a man was trying to cut her hijab with a pair of scissors. She said that she screamed and fled, but the man allegedly returned a few minutes later and tried to cut her headscarf again.

«We had, as everyone knows, allegations of an extremely serious crime on Friday which we investigated -- we had a team of investigators who put together a significant amount of evidence and they came to the conclusion that the events that were alleged did not happen», said Mark Pugash, Toronto Police spokesman.

«We have spoken with (the girl), we have spoken to all the people the public would expect us to speak to in the course of a thorough investigation, and when we put all of that together -- we looked at it very closely -- and that was the conclusion that we came to»,he said.

«That’s why we put that information out as quickly as we could», he added. Several political figures reacted to this alleged attack, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Toronto Mayor John Tory, both of whom strongly condemned him.

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