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A Democratic Senator questions the utility of Pruitt’s recent visit to Morocco

Scott Pruitt, EPA's chief./Ph. DR
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During an immigration policy meeting held on Tuesday, Tammy Duckworth, a Democratic Senator asked EPA’s chief, Scott Pruitt, whether he found Morocco to be a «sh***le» when he visited North Africa in December, reports the Washington Examiner.

«Can I assume, like all decent Americans, you did not find Morocco, a North African nation, to be a sh***le when you visited ?», questioned the Senator referring to the infamous declaration of President Donald Trump who allegedly called African nations during a meeting with Democrats on immigration policy this month «sh***le countries».

Pruitt, who is currently heading the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment, did not respond to Duckworth’s question that was preceded by others tackling the EPA's ability to promote gas taking up the role of the Energy Department.

In fact, EPA has been requested to audit the trip of Scott Pruitt to Morocco which reportedly costed $40,000. The EPA’s chief visited Morocco in a four-day trip last year. During his visit, the official held talks with his Moroccan counterparts trying to promote the importing of natural gas. However, the EPA chief’s that has sparked tension around his expenses and also because the agency is not the one to be assigned such mission.

Indeed, the EPA inspector is currently investigating Pruitt’s trip to Morocco while another investigation is carried out to determine the EPA chief’s use of private and military flights and his frequent travel as administrator to his hometown in Oklahoma.

For the record, once back to the United States of America on the 13th of December, Pruitt stated that the trip «allowed us to directly convey our priorities and best practices with Moroccan leaders».

«We are committed to working closely with countries like Morocco to enhance environmental stewardship around the world».

During his trip, EPA chief went on a tour to the IRESEN Green Energy Park, to have an idea about how Morocco wants to expand domestic solar energy production.

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