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Moroccans to rally Sunday in Rabat to support the Palestinian Great March of Return

A relly organized on the 10th of December in Rabat to denounce American President's decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel./Ph. Mehdi Moussahim-Yabiladi
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Moroccan associations for the support of the Palestinian people will organize Sunday in Rabat a mass rally, commemorating the Nakba Day, reports Middle East Monitor.

The Moroccan Working Group for Palestine and the Moroccan Association for Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle will be organizing the marches initiated to show support for the Great March of Return, a six-week campaign composed of a series of protests launched at the Gaza Strip, near the Gaza-Israel border to denounce the Israeli occupation.

Speaking to the same source, Coordinator of the Moroccan Working Group for Palestine Abdelkarim Al-Alami declares that the march «is a declaration by the Moroccan people of their collective and total rejection of the Zionist-American resolutions which declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital».

«The march is also a means through which the Moroccan people can engage in the activities of the Palestinian Great March of Return», added Al-Alami.

In December 2017, and after American President Donald Trump announced that he intends to relocate the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, thousands of Moroccans rallied in the streets of Rabat to denounce the decision.

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