Asma Lamrabet releases her book «Women and Men in the Qur’ān» in the United States

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Writer and researcher Asma Lamrabet./Ph. DR

Moroccan researcher and writer Asma Lamrabet has just published «Women and Men in the Qur’ān» in the United States. In her book, the scholar highlights the importance of distinguishing Islam as a spiritual message, promotes gender equality and speaks about the increasingly widespread Islamophobia.

Originally published by Palgrave Macmillan, a publishing company headquartered in the UK, the book is translated from French into English by Muneera Salem-Murdock, former Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Resident Country Director in Morocco.

Thus, the book breaks up with ideas commonly held by the West, believing that Islam oppresses women and hinders their ambitions and dreams. While quoting Qur'anic verses, the book shows that human interpretations do wrong to the holy text.

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