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Inwi's lawsuit against Maroc Telecom rescheduled for June

Maroc Telecom's headquarters in Rabat./Ph. DR
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A lawsuit lodged by Telecommunication Company Inwi against its competitor Maroc Telecom was rescheduled, Monday 21st of May, for June the 2nd, says Reuters quoting Inwi's lawyer Abdellatif Ouahbi.

«The case was postponed to enable the lawyers to prepare their defense», Ouahbi told the same source.

Inwi is seeking 5.7 billion dirhams for «alleged unfair competition», said the lawyer, indicating that the amount is close to the net income registered by Maroc Telecom in 2017. On the other hand, Maroc Telecom has not commented on the postponement.

For the record, Inwi filed a lawsuit against Maroc Telecom in March, arguing that it holds 60 percent of the market and the law says companies should hold no more than 40 percent.

Recent figures show that Maroc Telecom held in 2017 42.1 percent of the mobile market against 23 percent for Inwi.

More than that, Maroc Telecom is responsible for 84 percent of the fixed line telephone market while Inwi holds 12.6 percent. ANRT, which manages telecoms in Morocco, issued a notice in September 2016, urging Maroc Telecom to abide by the regulations governing local-loop unbundling.

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